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What We Do in the Stay-at-Home Shadows

Created On: May 28, 2020

While businesses are opening up and some aspects of daily life are returning to normal, there is no denying most Americans still have more time on their hands since COVID-19 has entered our country. At Decode, our employees are still working remotely, and we’ve noticed on their social media accounts that many of them have gotten into some interesting new hobbies since staying at home. 


So what do your favorite unicorns do when not crafting strategic marketing and advertising campaigns?Check it out!


Virtual workouts, HIIT, yoga, pilates, spin


Growing vegetables, more time to care for my plants


Created a virtual book club, reading


Hanging out with my pets more


Cheese-making, tortilla-making, bread-making, other culinary adventures


Streaming shows, watching YouTube


Spring cleaning, home organizing, home/garden repairs


Playing video games, especially ones with a social element


Spending time with family, making crafts and playing



Have you taken up a new hobby since coronavirus came our way? Have you had more time for gardening, cooking new recipes, or doing crafts with the kids? This pandemic has made many serious impacts on our world, and most of them for the negative. But if we can take small joys from these simple hobbies, that’s a silver lining that shows the fortitude of the human spirit to make it through even the toughest of times. As long as this situation is lasting, we can find ways to create joy together in everyday life.