Process Rocket

Created On: November 8, 2017
Our strategy coincides with what we want people to think, feel, and—most importantly—do.


As we leap into strategy development, we start with exploration: discovering goals, absorbing client input, excavating the competitive landscape, examining brand standards, and conducting research. Our findings are the fuel that ignites the campaign trajectory.


Next, we transition into the creation phase. We develop the overarching creative strategy and identify the channels and tactics we’ll use to execute it. Charting our path, we collaborate with all teams to establish messaging and ensure a cohesive campaign across all platforms.


Once the client clears us for liftoff, all engines are go. We burst into action and build out all assets for each digital channel using our web development, graphic design, copywriting, and media planning and buying skills as well as our boundless creativity and extensive knowledge.


Next, Decode’s mission control is calibrated for launch. Before countdown commences, we conduct an examination to establish tracking analytics based on our designated key performance indicators, which correlate directly with client goals.


After the campaign blasts off, rather than waiting in orbit, we begin the optimization process. We analyze initial data and continuously fine-tune the campaign for maximum results. This is what ultimately propels the campaign to success.