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Nothing to Sneeze At: A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Leveraging Flu Season

Created On: October 24, 2019

As the temperature drops and the sun sets earlier each day, flu season tends to come into full swing. Did you know the Center for Disease Control estimates that more than 900,000 people were hospitalized due to the flu in 2018? Between the uncomfortable symptoms and the high number of cases, the flu presents a far-reaching topic with the potential for strong consumer engagement. As a healthcare marketer, here's how you can leverage this seasonal condition to advertise your organization's offerings and highlight your commitment to community wellness.



Prioritize Prevention

Establish yourself as a trusted resource. Develop educational resources about the flu, which you can post to your website (boosting your SEO rankings) and share as organic or paid content on social media platforms. Consider attention-grabbing infographics about the difference between the common cold and the flu, posters showing the proper way to wash your hands, or videos debunking common flu myths. Keep this content light and compelling to keep your audience engaged.


Use Timely and Relevant Messaging

The typical flu season begins in October and lasts through March, and your media buys and messaging should reflect this. Depending on your area, the flu may peak at a certain time, and there might be very little flu activity at other times. Optimize your digital media buys in real-time based on the number of cases in a specific region so that you can meet the need of the community. Using this data can help you reach a more receptive audience and increase your ROI. 


Think Outside the Tissue Box 

Get creative with your ad placements to be sure you’re reaching as many people as you can. Consider working with local businesses to place branded hand sanitizer stations in high-traffic areas, or develop flu prevention kits with educational materials to share with schools. Use these opportunities to provide value to the consumer and build a relationship with the community. 


With so many people fighting to be top of mind, becoming a trusted name in flu prevention and care can take some creativity. But by taking the time to create flu-specific messaging, you’ll see your efforts pay off as more people come to your organization for preventive care and flu treatments. We understand this sort of endeavor can be overwhelming, so schedule a consultation if you need some help in developing a customized strategy for flu season.