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Marketing in a Crisis-Filled Year

Created On: July 7, 2020

When Texas went into lockdown, we were all a little scared. The team at Decode wasn’t sure how we were going to do our jobs in the same way without the face-to-face communication that working in an office provides. But as client requests continued to come in, we demonstrated our resilience and adapted to the challenges of working remotely. Check out the different approaches all of our teams took to meet their specific needs. 



Determining Immediate Changes to Consumer Behavior 

Using data to create innovative solutions is one of Decode’s tenets — it allows us to create successful and efficient campaigns. However, COVID-19 impacted the data our Media team was analyzing. Media planning is based on understanding how and where to reach consumers, and this lockdown had a significant impact on consumer behavior and the media channels they spend their time on. Our team also had to understand the content people were consuming. In most of the media buying world, advertisers shied away from COVID-related content. A consumer reading about the latest COVID-19 hospitalizations isn’t likely to be receptive to an advertisement for an auto brand, but COVID-related content is an ideal place to promote the messaging of our healthcare clients.


Getting Creative With Communication

Collaboration is a hallmark of innovative thinking, and our Creative team had to find a way to replace the normal face-to-face conversations that would happen in the office. They immediately began prioritizing video calls over emails and instant messaging to better allow for the flow of ideas and to reduce miscommunication. They also moved away from in-the-moment conversations and embraced more planned-out meetings and discussions for these brainstorming sessions. And to keep the friendly collaboration alive even though they’re apart, they host weekly virtual happy hours to discuss the wins of the week, upcoming projects, and general info. 


Developing New Ways to Collaborate

Before working remotely, peer programming, where a couple of developers work together on the same machine, was a common practice for the Development team because it allowed multiple people to be familiar with the code and be able to look at the same thing from different vantage points. Now, they’re able to achieve the same results remotely with screen sharing. The Development team also has a daily meeting to discuss previous accomplishments and plans for the day. Additionally, the lockdown has expedited the process of getting everything in place to maximize the efficiency of moving code from development to staging/testing to production. 

Let’s face it — 2020 is shaping up to be a wild year. But collaborating as a team has helped us alter our thinking and our processes to fit the needs of our clients in this constantly changing environment. If you need assistance in reaching consumers with the right messaging, we can help. Take a look at Decode’s services and see how we can be a part of your business’s growth and development as we look forward to a (hopefully) calmer second half of 2020.