Junior Strategist

We're looking for a research and insight-inspired critical thinker.At Decode, the Junior Strategist is a key support to the Strategy team. Their responsibilities are grounded in research, application of data, and critical thinking that leads to meaningful storytelling opportunities with the goal of inspiring internal teams to create insight-driven, awesome work AND, at the same time, inspire clients by providing business-changing recommendations that drive results.

It's important that you're able to demonstrate exceptional clarity around research and trends, showing an ability to generate strong insights from research in order to advise on business and inspiration briefs and client marketing plans. In this role, you also must have a passion, and an affinity, for connecting data and insights to creative ideation by actively contributing unique ideas during brainstorms and concept creative development.

You're empowered to be a proactive idea generator based on your consumer understanding and insights—but we thrive in a collaborative environment to bring killer ideas to the table. You're not just a team player, you're a team cheerleader.

An active participant. Not a spectator.

At Decode you will...

  • Understand and ingrain yourself in our client's business, challenges, and goals
  • Collect, read, and analyze information from a variety of sources and develop strategic insights and actionable points of view
  • Support team members and account leads by bringing forward new, opportunistic ideas proactively to take advantage of emerging trends, best practices, and white space opportunities.
  • Use research grounded in the customer journey and data-based expertise to measure, assess, and refine insights and recommendations for maximum impact
  • Work with Strategy, Media, Analytics, Creative, Content, and Account team partners to provide data and insights to support customer journeys, media mix recommendations, target audience refinement, and more, all based on research and client direction.

If it sounds liked we're asking for a lot...we are.

You have to be a/an...

  • Research-driven individual with a knack for connecting the dots and supporting the team with actionable insights
  • Excellent communicator: from daily interactions to support for new business presentations
  • In tune with modern culture and the constantly evolving media landscape
  • Knowledge driven person with an appetite for understanding business and industry drivers, competitor activity, brand intel, and consumer insights

Last words: What do you need to bring to the table?

Take a look at the responsibilities above. What they point to is a personal skillset that comes down to this: we're looking for an individual with excellent research and insight skills, combined with strong writing, communication, and presentation development abilities.

We want someone who has the innate desire, and ability, to understand how to apply research and insights to a client's business needs, along with a basic knowledge of brand positioning and awareness—this is where Healthcare experience would be a big plus.

Put it all together.

You have to be a BIG thinker, strategic in your approach, up-to-date in current media and consumer trends, with a strong understanding of the digital space.

And this: energy. Lots and lots of ENERGY.

And who do you report to?