Spring Has Sprung at Decode

Created On: April 20, 2018


The spring sun shines a light on dust that has gathered over the winter, both physically and digitally. The only part of your life that has been cleaned out is likely your Netflix queue. So let’s bask in the spring vibes and take a moment to clean up your personal brand’s digital space and freshen up your coffee-stained-old-post-it-note-desk.


Digital Clean Up

When was the last time you updated your Twitter bio from “currently chillin” to a cohesive thought that represents your personal brand?

While you’re thinking of a new slick Twitter bio, here are a few other things you can do to spring clean your digital life:

  • LinkedIn: Jazz up your description and add new and interesting content to your work experience. How about doing something nice for a colleague and writing them a recommendation?
  • Twitter: The bio is just 160 characters, so make it matter and make sure it represents you.
  • Instagram: Does your Instagram have a clear aesthetic? Developing an eye-candy Insta handle takes planning. Go back and brainstorm your vibe, take notes, place some images together and draft out a new look. A clean Instagram feed is baller.
  • Email: Inbox organizing can be agonizing, but you can’t deny how helpful folders are. This is not the most fun of all digital clean-up exercises, but perhaps the most productive. That is, unless, you update your Linkedin and then land a new j-o-b.


Actual Clean Up

Roll up your sleeves. 





Desk Cleaning Tips:

  1. Put loose papers in their designated folders.
  2. Put your books back on the shelves when you are done with them.
  3. Maybe you don’t need all those sticky notes anymore. Consider it.
  4. Dust everything.
  5. Don’t forget to dust your shelves.
  6. Wash those mug(s).
  7. How many sketchbooks/journals do you need? Reassess.
  8. Wipe down your keyboard, mouse, desk, phone and office door handles with a disinfectant wipe. Germs are so last winter.
  9. Disinfect your pens and headphones!

We’re hopeful that our spring cleaning breakdown is helpful for you. We’re also hopeful that you’ll now come spring clean for us. Do you have any other favorite spring cleaning tips? Tell us below!