Early Detection

Created On: September 24, 2018


Check Yourself.

For your health. For your family. For your life.

This year, almost 300,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. These are women who were living their life, and then one day it stopped. Because of breast cancer.

This month, we want you to begin monthly self-breast checks regardless of your age. When you know your normal, you’ll know when something isn’t right. The fact is that the 5-year survival rate of stage 1 breast cancer after treatment is nearly 100 percent.

If today or one day you find a lump during your first-ever self breast exam, or you notice something new; don’t be paralyzed by fear of the unknown. Speak up. Advocate for yourself, don’t wait until it’s too late. Text someone you can trust. Make an appointment with your doctor. Get a mammogram.

This is a personal letter to you, because knowing your breasts is personal. And empowering you to listen to your body and learn your normal can save your life. Check yourself.

The Rose

All proceeds raised through September and October are going directly to The Rose where women can go to have access to quality breast health care. Whether they have insurance or not. This gift is to honor the memory of Eileen Campbell.

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