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Created On: March 5, 2018

Not to write one of those pieces about how an agency loves coffee and repeat terms such as “caffeinated”, “buzz”, “cuppa” and “go juice” a bunch of times—but we really do consume a decent amount of coffee. Enough that we thought an entire blog’s content could be dedicated to it.

The caffeinated jittery fingers only help us to write our fantastic ideas and CSS faster.

Here’s an overview of how we brew:

Note: Black coffee over everything. Hashtag, actual jitters.

How we get our hands on all this coffee is nothing short of a miracle. But, in short, we have a coffee pot that just runs all day long. That pot doesn’t get a lunch break, a walk around the block to get air break, nothin’. And then we have a Keurig to back it up. And then a French press to back that up. And a kettle. And that’s it. Well, in-house that’s it. Except for the supply of caffeine pills at Kelsey’s desk—but that’s content for a different blog.

When we have a minute to step away from our desks, we hit the hottest bean spots in Houston (#TasteMakers #HumbleBrag). In order of appearance, here’s the low-down on the bean scene in Houston.


It’s very possible that our content team is the sole reason this establishment affords its Montrose rent. Go see Karee and Gary, order a iced vanilla latte, and tell them Kelli sent you.


Strong coffee, strong vibes.

A 2nd Cup

Their brew’s legit, and so is their mission. 2nd Cup is a non-profit that fights against human trafficking one cup at a time. So stay for a second cup and share their mission.

Black Hole

You’ll get sucked into this Montrose spot thanks to the pop art renditions of Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot, the (usually) great music, and, of course, the phenomenal espresso. Order the Iced Antidote if you never want to sleep again.

Do you have a coffee haus we should try? Comment with a suggestion—we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,


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