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Created On: October 27, 2017
The thirst for candy at Decode is real. We understand kids who go trick-or-treating have one goal: the largest-most-maximum haul in all-time human history. And we thought, if we were to host a haunted candy house, what digital tactics would we use to help kids achieve their lifelong candy goal? Just for spooks and giggles, we designed a Click-or-Treat 2017 Halloween Digital Marketing Plan. 

Campaign: Click-or-Treat

Client: Decode’s Haunted Candy House

Target: Parents who live in the Houston Montrose and Museum District areas who are mapping out their 2017 trick-or-treat route 

Tactics, or should we say, Tricks: There are two questions our tricks need to be responsive to: how do we find our target market, and how do we measure ad impact. There’s one thing that doesn’t change, no matter how spooky your costume is, and that’s good data. And data, friends, is what Decode believes in.

  1. Tricks are for Clicks

First things first—we’ve got to have a website launched with a downloadable map and a form where specific requests for candy can be made. Then, we need to create a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter with easy-to-remember handles. The downloadable map and candy request form are the basis for how we’d measure conversions.

  • Trick One: Geofence around the neighborhood.

    This lets us reach parents on their phones while they’re at areas near our haunted candy house, such as PTA meetings, the local ball park, Houston Zoo, and community centers, to serve the initial message.

  • Trick Two: Launch mobile retargeting.

    We’ll remind those parents across all devices to stay “top of mind” after they’ve left these locations.

  • Trick Three: Incorporate behavioral targeting.

    Leverage audience data to find parents who are the most likely to be interested in planning a trick-or-treat route.

  • Trick Four: Contextual targeting.

    This involves serving ads to users who are actively browsing about Halloween events going on in the Montrose area.

  • Trick Five: Search campaign.

    This classic display advertising trick reaches users who are searching specifically to plan their trick-or-treat route or discover the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating.

  • Trick Six: Facebook and Instagram ads.

    You better believe every man and their goblin is on social media. Facebook Events are a fresh, clean way to remind people of events and have them RSVP, and share with friends.

  • Trick Seven: Sequential messaging.

    Throughout the process, we’ll vary up the creative messaging at each touchpoint to lead parents down the “conversion funnel” and remind them to fill out the RSVP.

  1. Peanut Butter Data Time

This is how all our tricks will give us the data we need to measure the effectiveness of our campaign. Sweet, sweet data. 

  • Track the number of map downloads from the website.

  • Track the number of people who click to call us and find out about candy.

  • Leverage foot trafficking attribution to track the total visitors who saw our ads and then showed up to the haunted candy house based on the trick-or-treaters’ physical locations.

  • Count how many candy special request forms were submitted.

  • Track the number of Facebook Event RSVPs.

  • Review the Facebook active poll submissions to tally how the candy requests are shaking out.

And BOO! That is how we would run a quick little click-or-treat campaign. Who votes for Decode to host a haunted candy house next Halloween? Comment below—we want to hear from you!

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