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Created On: October 2, 2017
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  • We’re like the cobbler's children over here. When Decode humbly launched a few years back, we wanted to create content that spoke to the agency we are. Turns out, we became super busy super fast and didn’t have the time or resources to create our own content. So now we’ve outsourced the content writing to an app, so this whole process should be seamless.

    Jokes. Decode has jokes.

    As a team, we’re crazy talented, energetic, creative minds who love to get coffee together. With this blog, we intend to discuss what we know. We’ll chat about our perspective on the digital marketing industry, give our design team a blank space to play, love our city of Houston, and discuss where to find the best coffee in town. At the moment, we’d likely vote it as Fix, but that’s for another blog.

    To close out our first blog, here are some analytics:

    Collectively our team serves clients for an average of 1,201 hrs per week. When you add together all the years our team has been working in digital marketing, we have 102 years of experience. And even NASA didn’t have computers in 1915, so. Every month, we award a Golden Unicorn to a team member who has gone beyond the call of duty for our clients and the agency. However, it should be noted, we each believe we’re regular unicorns. Our agency has existed for 4 years and has been awarded 23 times. We now have 1 blog entry.

    What do y’all think of that aforementioned writing app? It did a pretty decent job, huh.

    Comment on this blog if you want to chat about digital or anything else on your mind.