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3 Big Ideas for Your Brand in a (Post-?) COVID-19 World

Created On: May 21, 2020

While some things will go back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, it will undeniably change many things about our world — including how consumers wish to interact with brands and businesses. Here are three main ways businesses should expect to adapt to remain competitive in this new environment.

Your Website: The New Brick & Mortar

The way customers interact with your brand begins at the website. From virtual medical visits to restaurant grill kits, a well-functioning website has been a powerful tool for driving interaction in unique new ways during coronavirus. Your website should:

  • Be mobile responsive. Ensure that users on various devices can interact meaningfully with your site.
  • Enable communication. Develop schedule requests, requests for more information, order fills, etc., via form fills to help people stay in contact with your brand.
  • Promote online experiences. Features like chatbots or virtual tours are a great way to encourage immediate interaction (even after people are more willing to get out and go into the real world).

Make Social Media Work for Your Brand

We didn’t think it was possible, but social media usage has increased by 44% during the pandemic. It’s impossible to overestimate the impact this medium has, but you don’t have to worry if you’re new to the game. Take some notes from this security guard who took over his museum’s social media when they closed due to COVID-19. The authenticity and earnest effort he put in made headlines for himself and for the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.


There’s a lot to say about social strategy, but particularly in today’s world, we recommend:

  • Provide regular updates about your business. As protocols, hours, and what your business provides continues to change, make sure the people who follow you have the latest information about what’s going on.
  • Celebrate your team. They’re the ones making what you do possible! Plus, it’s always great to see the faces behind the brand. Give your followers the opportunity to get to know the people who put their passion into your product or service.
  • Be authentic. Avoid being too sales-oriented or focused on the bottom line. This is your opportunity to let your audience get to know your brand in a more genuine way. Show team photos, behind-the-scenes videos from volunteer days, trying out new products, anything that they wouldn’t see elsewhere. More than anything, stay true to what your business stands for and believes from a culture standpoint.

Now’s Your Chance to Build Brand Loyalty

During times of crisis, it’s particularly important to stay top-of-mind. Plus, with many brands pulling out of their media buys, there is an opportunity for your dollars to stretch further. There are many studies that show when brands maintain their advertising efforts during a recession, they are more successful than when they cut advertising budgets.


Here’s how to make sure you spend your money wisely:

  • Lock in inexpensive rates. Ask about opportunities to buy excess rates and/or lock-in future air time at today’s rate.
  • Maximize your ad spend by leveraging data. Now is the time to enter the digital space and speak to experts about how to leverage your data and third-party data to reach your target audience. Make sure your message reaches exactly who it’s intended for and reduce waste in your campaigns.
  • Educate key senior leaders. Communicate with senior leadership about what is in the market and how it is performing. When they are informed and have a stake in your campaigns, they will become champions for the marketing team rather than a barrier for approvals. Their involvement can also lead to key information that may shape your campaigns and lead to overall improved brand communication and coordination.


There is no doubt that coronavirus is going to leave an indelible mark on our world. However, our team at Decode has been heartened to see the businesses here in Houston and across the country who have rallied, supported each other, and created thoughtful ways to stay afloat while times are tough. As businesses are opening up, we are confident our strong communities will continue to rebuild and adjust. 


One thing’s for sure — a lot of things are changing. If you need assistance with the transition, we can help. Take a look at Decode’s services and see how we can be a part of your business’s growth and development as we look forward to a post-COVID-19 world.